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 Judy In Disguise de Fred John And His Playboy Band

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Judy In Disguise - Fred John And His Playboy Band sur
Song:   Judy in Disguise Artist: John Fred & The Playboys The beat for this is very easy to figure out if you listen to the song. It's pretty simple. I put two spaces between the notes with longer breaks. ---7-7---------7-7------------7-7---------7 -------9--7--9------9-7-7-9-9-----9--7--9-- ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- Just repeat this throughout the song. It's pretty much The same thing over and over again with maybe a few Variations. ---5-5---------5-5------------5-5---------5 -------7--5--7------7-5-5-7-7-----7--5--7-- ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- THIS TAB WAS TRANSLATED BY RUSSELL PINKSTON