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 Mad World de Gary Jules

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Mad World - Gary Jules sur
I found that the other tab here was... totally wrong... the chords were kinda wrong. G here's a better version. Please correct me if there's anything wrong or if there are any better ways playing it. Gary Jules - Mad World Capo 1st Intro: Em A Em A |---7----------------|--------7------------5--| |--8--7-8--5-7-------|--7*-8----7-8--5-7-8----| *only the last time |--------------7-6---|------------------------| |-----------------7--|------------------------| |--------------------|------------------------| |--------------------|------------------------| This is repeated in the choruses. Verse: Em G D A All around me are familiar faces wornout places, wornout faces... repeat it til chorus Chorus: Am D Am D Am And I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad...