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 Ridin Down The Canton de Gene Autry

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Ridin Down The Canton - Gene Autry sur
If this isn't a cowboy song, I don't know what is Ridin' Down the Canyon by Gene Autry & Smiley Burnett G B7 C G When evening chores are over at our ranch house on the plain A7 D D7 And all I've got to do is lay around G B7 C G I saddle up my pony and ride off down the trail A A7 D D7 G To watch the desert sun go down G B7 C G Ridin' down the canyon to watch the sun go down A A7 D D7 G A picture that no artist e'er could paint G7 B7 G White faced cattle lowin' on the mountian side A A7 D D7 Hear a coyote whinin' for it's mate G7 C D G Cactus plants are bloomin', sagebrush every where A A7 D D7 Granite spires are standin' all around G B7 I tell you folks it's heaven C G To be ridin' down the trail A A7 D D7 G When the desert sun goes down ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Glenn Estes,Accounting Manager| My opinions do not reflect those of B Levy & Son | my employer, unless he happens to be right. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------