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 Here Is Gone de Goo Goo Dolls

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Here Is Gone - Goo Goo Dolls sur
i love there new song so had to figure it out but im still working on it but i think iv got close to getting it right eI--0--0--------------0-0-- I --0--0--------------0-0-- BI--1-h3--------------1-1-- I --1-h3--------------1-1-- GI--2--2--------------2-2-- I --0--0--------------0-0-- DI--2--2--------------2-2-- I --2--2--------------2-2-- AI--0--0--------------0-0-- I --3--3--------------3-3-- EI--x--x--------------x-x-- I --x--x--------------x-x-- eI--X---------------------- I --X---------------------- BI--3---------------------- I --1---------------------- GI--0---------------------- I --2---------------------- DI--0---------------------- I --3---------------------- AI--X---------------------- I --3---------------------- EI--3---------------------- I --X---------------------- PRE-CHORUS (Dadd9 = xx0230) Dadd9 I'm not the one who broke you Am I'm not the one you should fear C The way you get to move you darling Dadd9 I thought I lost you somewhere Am F But you were never really ever there at all... Chorus (C/B= x2x010) C C/B And....I want to get free Am Talk to me... G5 F I can feel you fallin' C C/B And I.....wanted to be Am All you need... G5 F Somehow here is gone........ Bridge Am F And I don't need the fallout C C/B Of all the past that's in between us... Am F And I'm not holding on C C/B Am G5 F And all your lies were enough to keep me here... Intro x 2 verse x 3 Pre-chorus Chorus Bridge Chorus x 6 (last time through, end on c) any details i left out e-mail me at the names Joey Vaughn and no im not 14 do not copy for sell under penalty of law but you you may print it off