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 Iris Acoustic de Goo Goo Dolls

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Iris Acoustic - Goo Goo Dolls sur
iris (acoustic version) by GOO GOO DOLLS arranged by patrick naranjo 0205022041 0217020005 0218021512 - this tab is the acoustic version. practically the same way how you play the original, only with the pluckings. - this is really easy to play, only if you get the rhythm, especially the chords of Bm6-7 and G-GM7-G and take note of the instrumental part. - if you try to listen to the song itself, they have two guitars. in this tab you can go solo without the lead (that's how i make tabs... kinda selfish ey!). - not good to be played by an electric guitar Major chords in the strumming part: Note: strings 1 and 6 are both dropped down from E to D (two half steps lower) Bm7 Bm6 Bm6-7 G GM7 G-GM7-G G/F# D-|---0---|---0---|---0---0---|---0---|---0---|---0---0---|---0---| B-|---3---|---2---|---2/3-3---|---3---|---3---|---3---3---|---3---| G-|---2---|---2---|---2---2---|---0---|---0---|---0---0---|---0---| D-|---0---|---0---|---0-------|---0---|---4---|---0-4-0---|---0---| A-|---2---|---2---|---2-------|---X---|---X---|---X-------|---X---| D-|---0---|---0---|---0-------|---5---|---5---|---5-------|---4---| h Asus D-|---0---| B-|---3---| G-|---2---| D-|---2---| A-|---0---| D-|-------| - tip: to make the strings "dead" in the chords G, GM7, G-GM7-G and G/F#, use your RING finger in string-6 (lowest D) and your index finger in string-2 (B). then for the dead string-5 (A), slightly touch the string with your ring finger. this should make a mute sound for that string. - all the chords WITHOUT a tab written below it, that means you strum it. Note: these chords are mainly used in the strumming parts of the song: intro, chorus and instrumental. Intro: Bm7, Bm6, Bm6-7, G, GM7, G-GM7-G (2x) I. D D/E G |-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------| |-------3---3-|-------3---3-|-------3---3-|-------3---3-| |---------2---|---------2---|---------0---|---------0---| |-----0-------|-----0-------|-----0-------|-----0-------| |-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------| |-0-----------|-2-----------|-5-----------|-5-----------| Bm7 Asus G |-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------| |-------3---3-|-------3---3-|-------3---3-|-------3---3-| |---------2---|---------2---|---------0---|---------0---| |-----0-------|-----2-------|-----0-------|-----0-------| |-2-----------|-0-----------|-------------|-------------| |-------------|-------------|-5-----------|-5-----------| - repeat series 2x II. same as I, but replace last 2 measures (G being plucked) by 2 measures of G being strummed Chorus: Bm7, Asus, G (4x) Bridge before III: Bm7, Bm6, Bm6-7, G, GM7, G-GM7-G Bm7, Bm6, Bm6-7, G, GM7 III. same as II Repeat Chorus Instrumental: - Bm7, Bm6, Bm6-7, G, GM7, G-GM7-G Bm7, Bm6, Bm6-7, then follow tab below Bm7 /D /E /F#-/D |-0-------------------------| |-3-------------------------| |-2-------------------------| |-0-------------------------| |-2---2-5---5-----7-----9-5-| |-0---0-0---0-----0-----0-0-| - G, G/F#, G, Bm7 G, G/F#, Bm7, then follow tab below Bm7 Asus /G /F# /E /D-Bm7 Bm7/C# |-0-----0-----------------------|-------------|-------------| |-3-----3-----------------------|-------3-----|-------3-----| |-2-----2-----------------------|---------2---|---------2---| |-0-----2-----------------------|-----0-----0-|-----0-----0-| |-2---2-0-----10----9----7----5/|/2-----------|-4-----------| |-0---0-------0-----0----0----0-|-0-----------|-------------| D Bm7 Asus G (hold) |-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|------0--| |-------3-----|-------3-----|-------3-----|-------3-----|-----3---| |---------2---|---------2---|---------2---|---------2---|----0----| |-----0-----0-|-----0-----0-|-----0-----0-|-----2-----2-|---0-----| |-------------|-------------|-2-----------|-0-----------|--X------| |-0-----------|-0-----------|-------------|-------------|-5-------| Note: the instrumental part of the original version is longer and slightly different than of this version. Repeat Chorus Ending. Bm7 Bm7/C# D |-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------| |-------3-----|-------3-----|-------3-----|-------3-----| |---------2---|---------2---|---------2---|---------2---| |-----0-----0-|-----0-----0-|-----0-----0-|-----0-----0-| |-2-----------|-4-----------|-------------|-------------| |-------------|-------------|-0-----------|-0-----------| Bm7 A G |-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------| |-------3-----|-------3-----|-------3-----|-------3-----| |---------2---|---------2---|---------0---|---------0---| |-----0-----0-|-----2-----2-|-----0-----0-|-----0-----0-| |-2-----------|-0-----------|-------------|-------------| |-------------|-------------|-5-----------|-5-----------| Bm7 Bm7/C# D |-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------| |-------3-----|-------3-----|-------3-----|-------3-----| |---------2---|---------2---|---------2---|---------2---| |-----0-----0-|-----0-----0-|-----0-----0-|-----0-----0-| |-2-----------|-4-----------|-------------|-------------| |-------------|-------------|-0-----------|-0-----------| Bm7 A G (hold) |-------------|-------------|------0--| |-------3-----|-------3-----|-----3---| |---------2---|---------2---|----0----| |-----0-----0-|-----2-----2-|---0-----| |-2-----------|-0-----------|--X------| |-------------|-------------|-5-------| end of tab. 0218021539 Now this is my third tab I have submitted to .net (and so far 2 out of the 3 tabs I submitted so far were accepted, and this is a resubmission). Well, there's nothing actually special about this song. It's just this song is the favorite song of this girl who "burned" me (not putting it in a bad way). Of course I wouldn't dare tell the name because she might sue me for ILLEGAL PLUGGING OF PROPERTY OR NAME (if there is such!)...again. Actually not much to say about her. I just think that this song is great, and it's good to helpl others learn this really godd song. For those people who have problems and/or suggestions for this tab, email me at, or you can send me SMS through these numbers: (+63917)370-4849 or (+63918)357-7666. But I'm using the 917 line more often.