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 Hello Time Bomb de Good Matthew Band

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Hello Time Bomb - Good Matthew Band sur
Matthew Good Band Hello Time Bomb Beautiful Midnight I found this tab, changed it a little and submitted it. here's the verse if your doing it by yourself: (there are times in the 2nd and 3rd verse that you will have to play this, you can probably figure it out) e|------------|--------------| B|------------|--------------| G|-5-5--5-7-7-|--------------| D|-5-5--5-7-7-|---7-7--3-3-3-| A|-3-3--3-5-5-|---7-7--3-3-3-| E|------------|---5-5--1-1-1-| Pre-Chorus F C Chorus D Bb F E D Bb F C Bridge e|-----------------|------------------|------------------|---------------------| B|-----------------|------------------|------------------|---------------------| G|--7-7------------|------------------|--7-7-------------|----5-5-5---------5-o| D|--7-7---8---7---3|----5-5-5-------5-|--7-7---8---7---3-|----5-5-5---------5-o| A|--5-5---8---7---3|----5-5-5-------5-|--5-5---8---7---3-|----3-3-3---------3--| E|--------6---5---1|----3-3-3-------3-|--------6---5---1-|----3-3-3---------3--| repeat three times, amongst guitar 2's feedback and phaser noises, then back to the riff 1 again with guitar once, then just bass. tabbed by Jim R. (a little)