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 You Cant Be Too Strong de Graham Parker

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You Cant Be Too Strong - Graham Parker sur
From uunet!!caen!batcomputer!reed!henson!!!!robo Thu Dec 10 13:59:44 PST 1992 Article: 4273 of Path:!uunet!!caen!batcomputer!reed!henson!!!!robo Newsgroups: Organization: University of Oregon Lines: 86 Message-ID:> NNTP-Posting-Host: For those of you fans of mid-to-late 70's stuff by people like Parker, E Costello, etc., here's a "blast from the past". This song was on an album called "Squeezing Out Sparks" (a great record). The song caused a fair amount of controversy around the abortion issue; you all can be your own judges. I've gotten so much from this group that I wanted to finally contribute by posting something that might be a little offbeat and of interest to folks... You Can't Be Too Strong (Graham Parker) Intro- E A B E A B E B C#m Did they tear it out, with tongues of steel G#m A And give you a shot, so that you wouldn't feel B E A B E And wash it away, as if it wasn't real B C#m It's just a mistake, I won't have to face G#m A Don't give it a name, don't give it a place B E Don't give it a chance, it's lucky in a way A B It must have felt strange, to find me inside you E A I hadn't intended to stay B If you want to keep it right, put it to sleep at night C#m A B Squeeze it until it could say C#m A B You can't be too strong C#m A B You can't be too strong C#m A B E You can't be too strong A You can't be too strong E B E You decide what's wrong B C#m Well I ain't gonna cry, I'm gonna rejoice G#m A And shout myself dry, and go see the boys B E A B They'll laugh when I say, I left it overseas E B C#m Yeah babe I know that it gets dark, down by Luna Park G#m A But everybody else, is squeezing out a spark B E That happened in the heat, somewhere in the dark, in the dark A B The doctor gets nervous, completing the service E A He's all rubber gloves and no head B He fumbles the light switch, it's just another minor hitch C#m A B Wishes to God he was dead C#m A B But you can't be too strong C#m A B You can't be too strong C#m A B E You can't be too strong A E B E Can't be too strong, you decide what's wrong A E B E Can't be too hard, too tough, too rough, too right, too wrong A E B E And you, can't be too strong A E B Baby you can't be too strong... Repeat intro (I think).