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-## GREEN DAY ===================== Here are the power chords for most of the songs on this album. 1,039/SMOOTHED OUT SLAPPY HOURS Look at which chords are used for =============================== a particular song then listen to the CD to get the number of times TRANSCRIPTION BY: BRIAN WECK each chord is strummed. Most of these are not exact, but if you DUQUESNE UNIVERSITY 94'-95' just have a slight ear for music you will have no problem figuring PITTSBURGH PA the songs out. Everything here is done in standard tuning. LIBRARY ======== Intro: D C D C D B a a a a a ============= These mean that you play that note in between the riffs. G B C D E D E D E D C G D DON'T LEAVE ME =============== B A D B a b a a A F# e b b a# DISAPPEARING BOY ================= A F# G D B C G GREEN DAY ========== Intro: B E D B G# E B E D C# B F# A E (7th fret) (7th fret) G# E B GOING TO PASALACQUA ==================== E D A D A E D A D A E D A E F# D A D A D A D A D A D A A A A A A A A A A A A 16 === B A E C D B C D B a b c b a b a b c b a b REST ===== G F ===== arpeggio this... A# A G ===== and this G F A# A G THE JUDGE'S DAUGHTER ===================== G F C C D G F G C D G F G C D C D G F G G F G 1,000 HOURS ============ G# F F# F F# F F# F F# G# DRY ICE ======== G# G# C C# G# G# C C# D# ===== (6th fret) C# G# C# G# C# D# G# F F# G F F# ONLY OF YOU ============ F G D B A B D E =====(7th fret) F G D B B A F# E F# E E F# F# E E F# E ============================================================================== Any questions or comments may be directed to E-mail: I know this is not anywhere near perfect, but I only took about a 30 minutes to put this together so what do you expect!!!!!!!