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 All By Myself de Green Day

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e: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 18:06:07 -0500 Song: All by myself (secret song, 4:08 into the last track) By: Green Day From (album): Dookie Words by: Billie Joe Played on: Acoustic TABed by: Boboly Pizza Man ( - The one and only :) I wrote this because the other versions were wrong. They had the basics, but were lacking some small things... Call me a perfectionist if you will :) I love secret songs, don't you? Anyways... Measure #1: |2---2---2---2---| |--3---3---3---3-| |----------------| |0---------------| |----------------| |----------------| Measure #2: |3---3---3---3---| |--3---3---3---3-| |0---------------| |----------------| |----------------| |----------------| Measure #3: |4---4---4---4---| |--5---5---5---5-| |----------------| |----------------| |----------------| |0---------------| Measure #4: |5---5---5---5---| |--5---5---5---5-| |----------------| |----------------| |0---------------| |----------------| Measure #5: |5---5---5| |--5---5--| |---------| |---------| |0-------0| |---------| After playing the last part of this measure, quickly place your hand with the pick over all the strings so that the sound will only last for a fraction of a second. Play the measures in this order: Play #1 and #2 - 7 times Play #3 and #4 - 3 times Play #3 and #5 - 1 time Play #1 and #2 - 4 times Play #3 and #4 - 3 times Play #3 and #5 - 1 time Understand? Really, it isn't that hard. To play the parts where there are "0"s below numbers, I usually strum the open string with the pick and use another finger to pick the higher string. For example, take measure #5... I would pick the A string with my pick, while struming the high E string with my middle finger. Whatever worx for you :) Oh, I almost forgot... Here are the lyrics: Begin singing towards the 2nd time you play measure #2... Listen to the CD if you don't know what I mean. I was alone... I was all by myself. No one was looking, I was thinkin' of you... Oh ya did I mention... I was all by myself? (at the end of this line, measure #3 kicks in for the first time) All by myself... All by myself... All by myself. (end of measure #5 and music stops until...) I went to your (music starts again) house, but no one was there... I went to your room... I was all by myself... You and me had such wonderful times... When I'm all by myself... All by myself... All by myself. Little confusing, I know... The extra notes will probably screw a couple ppl up, but you see what I mean :) Boboly Pizza Man out! P.S. If you have the whole "solo" of Bombtrack by Rage Against the Machine, I would love to have it!