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 All The Time de Green Day

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All the Time Green Day Nimrod All The Time by Green Day Album: Nimrod tabbed by Stephen Dranger OK, there are just 3 riffs in this song. 1: G |-9-9---7----| D |-9-9---7--7-| A |-7-7---5--7-| E |----------5-| 2: G |--------------------7--7-7-| D |-6/7-7--7--7-5--5-5-7--7-7-| A |-6/7-7--7--7-5--5-5-5--5-5-| E |-4/5-5--5--5-3--3-3--------| 3: G |------6-7--6--------4-5-5-5-| D |-7--7-6-7--6-7-5--5-4-5-5-5-| A |-7--7-4-5--4-7-5--5-2-3-3-3-| E |-5--5--------5-3--3---------| Keep repeating a riff until I tell you to change: Intro: Riff 1 (Play E5 (x799xx) to 'bridge' between riff 1 and 2) Riff 2 All the time Everytime I need it What's the time? I'd say the time is right Here's to me, let's find another reason Down the hatch and a bad attitude SALAD! Riff 1 Wastin time, wastin time down a bum fuck road and I don't know where the hell it'll go Heirlooms and huffing fumes and I'm picking up the pace And I'm gonna smash straight into a wall (Play E5 (x799xx) to 'bridge' between riff 1 and 2) Riff 2 All the time A "New Year's Resolution" How soon that we forget Doing time Loving evey minute Live it up on another let down SALAD! Riff 1 Promises, promises, it was all set in stone Cross my heart and hope to die Sugar fix, dirty tricks and a trick question Guess I should have read between the lines (Play E5 (x799xx) to 'bridge' between riff 1 and 2) Riff 2 Riff 3 Having the time of my life Watchin the clock tick Riff 2 All the time, where does the time go? It's too late to say goodnight Time flies when you're having fun, yeah Time flies when you work like a dog SALAD! Riff 1 Play first two notes of Riff 2 and end