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 Best Thing In Town de Green Day

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Best Thing In Town - Green Day sur
-## This is a really cool song from the Sweet Children EP. Once again, no ideas for the solo, but if someone knows it, PLEASE post it. Post any Green Day solos you know, for that matter. The intro and the chorus might be a tad off, but it sounds ok. (looks best in Courier) Tune to Eb Chords: EADGBe A: 577655 A#: 6887-- B: 7998-- C: 3355-- 8-10-10-9 In the intro (maybe) D: 5577-- F#: 2443-- G: 3554-- Intro: C B A# A Verse 1: A Come with me and lets go for a ride A Follow me to the other side A As I sit around and watch you pout A Cause I know that youÕre the Chorus: A B G A Best thing in town A B G A Best thing around A B G A Best thing in town A B G A Best thing around Verse 2: Running wild and always running free Doing things that I have never seen Eerie colors and all I see are sounds Now I know that youÕre the Chorus Bridge: D A C G F# Lyrics, anyone? Solo: ? Play C B A# A before repeating verse 1 Verse 1 Chorus Verse 2 Chorus Outro: C B A# A zach Currently working on: Sweet Children