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 Dont Leave Me de Green Day

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-## My name is Brett Keating. I figured this out, it's really easy. "Dont Leave Me" by Green Day e--------------------| B--------------------| repeat a few times, this is the main riff G-2424-4------7-7--4-| D-2424-4--7-7-7-7--4-| Am0202-2--7-7-5-5--2-| E---------5-5--------| e----------------------------------------| B----------------------------------------| This is the bridge G----------7-------------------4---------| D-7-7-77-7---7-7-7-7--4-4-44-4---4-4-4-4-| A-7-7-77-----7---7-7--4-4-44-----4---4-4-| E-5-5-55-----5---5-5--2-2-22-----2---2-2-| Chords that are smashed together and not spaced by dashes are meant to be played in quick succession... The opening part takes some getting used to... Green Day Don't Leave Me - Smoothed Out Slappy Hours Intro -------------- -------------- --4--0--7--4-- --4--0--7--4-- --2--2--5--2-- -------------- These are the chords for the intro figure out the rythem yourself. It's very easy. Chorus --0-----0-----2-----2------- --2--------2--2--------2---- --2--2--------3--3---------- --2-----------4------------- --0-----------4------------- --------------2------------- These are repeated a lot. Ta Dah This is the whole song. Really tricky. If you want me to put more songs on here. Please E-mail your opinions to Tub Ring 2. If you have any songs you want me to post just write. Get used to the fact that Green Day likes to make money. Gregory.