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 Dry Ice de Green Day

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-## Song: Dry Ice Band: Green Day Album: 1039\Smoothed Out Slappy Hours posted by: =0D CHORDS =0D G# C C# Eb F |---------------------------------------| |---------------------------------------| |----------5-----6------8---------------| |----6-----5-----6------8--------3------| |----6-----3-----4------6--------3------| |----4---------------------------1------| =0D Intro: = =0D |-------------------------| |-------------------------| |----------------6--------| |---6--------6-----6------| |---6-----6-----------6---| |---4--4------------------| =0D Verse: =0D G# C C# G# = late last night i had a dream and she was in it again G# C C# Eb she and i were in the sky flying hand in hand =0D (same chords) i woke up in a cold sweat wishing she was by my side praying that she'll dry the tears left on my face i've cried =0D CHORUS: =0D C# G# C# G# oh i love her keep dreaming of her C# G# C# Eb will i understand if she wants to be my friend? =0D G#, C, C#, G# (x2) =0D Verse2: =0D i'll send a letter to that girl asking her to be my own but my pen is writing wrong so i'll say it in a song oh i love you more right now more than i've ever loved before take these words from these lips: i'll need you forever more =0D repeat CHORUS x2 =0D Bridge: =0D G# F C# come ease the pain that's in my heart =0D solo( i don't know it, improvise) =0D repeat Intro repeat Verse1 repeat CHORUS repeat Bridge =0D end on G# =0D ok, have fun. send all comments, questions, punk tabs, and\or requests to me at: =0D OI!=