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 F O D de Green Day

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-## Sender: "KLeonard"> "F.O.D." by Green Day (I'm sure this is tuned down 1/2 step, but for this song there's no need to tune down, so i'll write this in standard) \ = slide down The verse is real easy. Just G#5 F#5 G#5 Something's on my mind, it's been for quite some time F#5 G#5 This time I'm on to you The chorus is: D#5 F#5 C#5 G#5 D#5 F#5 C#5 I'll tab out the bridge part cuz it's kinda hard to explain: D#5\D5 A#5 D#5\D5 G#5 ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- --8\7--7-------------8\7--7------------- --8\7--7--8---8--8---8\7--7--6---6--6-- --6\5--5--8---8--8---6\5--5--6---6--6-- ----------6---6--6------------4---4--4-- I'll take a stab at those lyrics that weren't included with the cd: You're just a f*ck I can't explain it cuz I think you suck I'll drain you're brain until ??????????? I've taken pressure in the ??? (guts???) and it's for you G listen up ??????????? -keith F.O.D by Green Day somethings on my mind its been for quite some time this time im on to you so wheres the other face? the face i heard before your head trips boring me lets nuke the bridge we torched 2000 times before this time well blast it all to hell ive had this burning in my guts now for so long my bellys aching now to say your just a fuck i cant explain it cause i think you suck im taking pride in telling you to fuck off and die stuck down in a rut of dislogic and smut a side of you well hid when its all said and done its real and its been fun but was it all real fun if you want to talk about green day mail me at Tru2PUNK