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 Green Day de Green Day

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-## Song: Green Day Artist: Green Day Album: 39/Smooth Intro: B E D B G# E B G# E B G# E B A Verse 1: E D A small cloud has fallen C# B The white mist hits the ground F# A E My lungs comfort me with joy E D Vegging on one detail C# B The rest just crowds around F# A E My eyes itch of burning red Chorus: G# E B Picture sounds G# E B A Of moving insects so surreal G# E B Lay around G# E B A Looks like I found something new Outro: E D C# B A Song: Intro Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Verse w/o words Solo (not given) Verse Chorus Outro Other lyrics: Laying in my bed I think I'm in left field I picture someone, I think it's you You're standing so damn close My body begins to swell Why does 1+1 make 2?