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 I Wanna Be Alone de Green Day

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I Wanna Be Alone - Green Day sur
-## this is "I Wanna Be Alone" by Green Day -Tommy =) This is "I Wanna Be Alone" by Green Day off 1039/SOSH I haven't finished the solo yet, but here's everything else: INTRO: P.M P.M P.M P.M ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------2----0-----2----0-------0---------0---------------0------------0------- --0-0---0-0--0-0---0-0-----------0---------0----------------0-----------0---- ---------------------------5----------3-------------5-------------3----------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- at the beginning of the intro the open D string is palmed.... Verses are the same as chorus... I lock myself inside my room, I WANNA BE ALONE with you around you'll only add on, I WANNA BE ALONE, just let me be alone with my thoughts, I WANNA BE ALONE, with you around you'll only add on, I WANNA BE ALONE Chorus: G (355xxx) - A (577xxx) - D (x577xx) - B (x244xx) Please don't think I'm crazy I don't want you to understand, I mind is going hazy To hell with your helping hand Why dontcha just leave me alone This conflict is my own keep your sources away from me that's all intro part again ***billie joe then does some harmonics on the 5th fret of the G and D strings, play around with that until you get it, has to be distortion pretty much*** second half of intro part ***more harmonics*** second half of intro again solo...i'll try and post it ASAP same words as first verse chorus...