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 Jaded de Green Day

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Jaded - Green Day sur
-# # Jaded- Also mostly power chords and tuned down half a step. Chords used: E A D G B e A: 5 7 7 X X X G: 3 5 5 X X X D: X 5 7 7 X X E: 0 1 2 2 0 0 Fast up tempo beat Intro, verses and bridge: A G D Verse1: Sombody keep my balance I think I'm falling off Into a state of regression The experation date Rapidly coming on It's leaving behind a rank Chorus: D A G D A G D D E ( these aren't met to match the words I put below) Always go forward going straight will get you nowhere There is no progress... Evolution killed it all I found my place in nowhere Verse2: I'm taking one step sideways Leaning on my crutch Got a f!@#$%d equilbrium Quick count down from 9 to 5 Hury...we're gonna die Blessed into our own extinction Chorus Bridge Chorus "Jaded" Verse: G A D G A D G A D Somebody keep my balance, G A D I think I'm falling off. G A D Into a state of regression, G A D The expiration date. G A D Rapidly coming up, G A D I'ts leaving me behind to rank. Chorus: A Always move forward, A G A Going straight will get you nowhere. A There is no progress, A G A DCDA Evolution killed it all. Verse: G A D I found my place in nowhere, G A D I'm taking one step sideways. G A D Leading wiht my crutch, G A D Got a fucked up equilibrium. G A D Count down from 9 to 5. G A D Hooray! We're gonna die! G A D Blessed into our extinction.