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 J A R de Green Day

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-## Tune to Eb (Oh!!! -- looks best in Courier) INTRO: D A G A G D A G A G D A VERSE: G A G My friend drove off the other day, D A G Now he's gone and all they say, A G D A Is you gotta live 'cuz life goes on. G A G But now I see I'm mortal, too, D A G I can't live my life like you, A G D A Gotta live it up while life goes on. CHORUS: G D And I think that it's all right, A That I do what I like, G D 'Cuz that's the way I wanna live. A G D A D (2x) And so I give, and I'm still givin' VERSE: D A G A G And now I wonder 'bout my friend, D A G If he gave all he could give, A G D A 'Cuz he lived his life like I live mine. G A G If you could see inside my head, D A G Then you'd start to understand, A G D A The things I value in my heart. CHORUS C G You know that... D A I know that... C G D D A G You're watchin' me! SOLO (or verse riff) CHORUS OUTRO(w/bass): Gotta make a plan, Gotta do what's right, Can't run around in circles If you wanna build a life, But I don't wanna make a plan For a day far away, While I'm young and while I'm able, All I wanna do is... ðzachð