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 My Generation de Green Day

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e: Thu, 05 Mar 1998 10:31:16 -0600 revision of chord file My Generation as covered by Green Day This starts in the key of F# minor, and I've got as much information here as possible. The only thing missing is that darn bass solo in the solo breaks. F# E F# E x2 begin Verse: F# (stop) F# E Well, people try to put us down. (Talkin' bout my generation.) F# (stop) F# E Just because we get around. (Talkin' bout my generation.) F# (stop) F# E The things they do look awful cold. (Talkin' bout my generation.) F# (stop) F# E I hope I die before I get old. (Talkin' bout my generation.) F# E F# E x2 My generation. Verse 2 (same chords): Why don't you all just fade away? (Talkin' bout my generation.) And don't try to dig what we all say. (Talkin' bout my generation.) I'm not trying to cause a big sensation. (Talkin' bout my generation.) I'm just talkin' bout my generation. (Talkin' bout my generation.) Chorus Bridge: F# E F# E F# (stop) Guitar: E: |-----------------------------| B: |----7-7----7-7---------------| G: |-/6-----/6-----4-4h6p4-------| D: |-----------------------4-7~~-| A: |-----------------------------| E: |-----------------------------| F# E F# E F# (stop) Bass solo... F# E F# E F# (stop) Drum solo F# E F# E F# (stop) *crash* Man, you can fuck that shit! F# E F# E x2 Repeat Verse 2 with key change G#, F#, G# with same lyrics. Chorus with chords G#, F#, G# Then key change to Bb (chords: Bb, G#) over solo: E: |--------------------------| B: |-4------4------4------4---| G: |-6b8----6b8----6b8----6b8-| then you just use the Bb minor pentatonic scale...Billie goes to fast for me to tab out the entire solo, but there are a could main themes, the above bend being one, and E: |-----6-9b-9b-9b-| B: |-6-9------------| G: |----------------| being another. The solo however, is only in Bb minor pent. at the 6th fret position: 6th 7 8 9 E: |-x-|---|---|-x-| B: |-x-|---|---|-x-| G: |-x-|---|-x-|---| D: |-x-|---|-x-|---| A: |-x-|---|-x-|---| E: |-x-|---|---|-x-| Just go wild; do a lot of pulling, hammering and bending. Then end in a glorious haze of feedback and spasticness...or just kinda fizzle out like on the record.