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 No One Knows de Green Day

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From Thu May 8 10:07:49 1997 'NO ONE KNOWS' By Green Day (Taken from the Kerplunk! album) Transcribed by Will James (20 Sep 1996) I think this song has a really great bass line and i'm surprised no one has got round to transcribing it.. I did this on my electric guitar since i didnt have a bass at hand so you may have to fiddle with it! but i hope its correct (more or less) Notes: Tune down 1/2 step [BASS LINE] - For acoustic guitar D|-----5-----5-----|-----5---7p5-----|-----4-----4-----|-----2-----2-----| A|---5-----5---5---|---5---------5---|---5-----5---5---|---5-----5---5---| E|-7-----7-------7-|-6-----6-------6-|-5-----5-------5-|-4-----4-------4-| D|-----------5p2---------------------| A|-----4-7-------4h5-4-4-2h4p2-0-----| E|-4/5-----5---------------------0-2-| (Play 2 Times) D|:-----5----5---5------7------7----7------5----5----5----5---5-----:| A|:---5----5--------4h5----4h5----5------5----5----5----5-----------:| E|:-3----3-----3-----------------------7----7----7----7-----7---7p5-:| (Play 3 Times) D|:-----5----5---5------7------7----7------:| A|:---5----5--------4h5----4h5----5--------:| E|:-3----3-----3----------------------*(5)-:| * Played on last time - guitar plays A chord (Guitar plays A chord) [BASS LINE] G|-----12-----12-----|-----12---14p12-----|-----11-----11-----|-----9----9----- -| D|---12-----12--12---|---12----------12---|---12-----12--12---|---12---12--12-- -| A|-14-----14------14-|-13-----13-------13-|-12-----12------12-|-11---11------11 -| E|-------------------|--------------------|-------------------|---------------- -| G|--------------12p9---------------------------| D|------11-14-------11h12-11-11-9h11p9---------| A|-11/12-----12------------------------12----9-| E|----------------------------------------12---| (Play 2 Times) G|:-----12----12--12------14-------14---14------12----12----12----12--12------: | D|:---12----12-------11h12----11h12---12------12----12----12----12------------: | A|:-10----10----10--------------------------14----14----14----14----14--14p12-: | E|:---------------------------------------------------------------------------: | (Play 3 Times) G|:-----12----12--12------14-------14----14-:| D|:---12----12-------11h12----11h12---12----:| Guitar enters on A A|:-10----10----10--------------------------:| E|:-----------------------------------------:| Guitar Fill (indicated as FILL 1 in lyrics) Fill 1 (mute) B|:-5p3-5p3-----:| G|:---------2-2-:| VERSE 1 G D (FILL 1) Why should my fun have to end? A For me its only the beginning G D (FILL 1) I see my friends begin to age A A Short countdown to what end CHORUS G D A Call me irresponsible G D A Call me habitual G D But when you think of me G D C you fill your head with schemes G D Better think again A Cause no one knows VERSE 2 I don't want to cause no harm But sometimes my actions hurt Is there something i should find To make plans forever CHORUS BASS RIFF CHORUS ---- Will