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 On The Wagon de Green Day

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-## On the Wagon Track 2 on the single "Basket Case" Transcribed by Jim Fitzpatrick INTRO: F# (X2), B, Bm, F#, C#, F# The verse is just a variation on this progression: F#, Bm, B, Bm, F, C# CHORUS: B Bm Today I'll say sweet things, F/F# F/F# But tomorrow, F# C# I'll be making up excuses for my actions, N.C Cause it's been so long PLAY THE VERSE PROGRESSION OVER THIS Since I've been in love That special kind of feeling Guess my best excuse. I'm on the wagon again. I'm pretty sure this is right. It's at least close. Flame me or suggest things by e-mailing me at -Jim