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 Sick de Green Day

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****************************************************** * * * Sick - by Greenday - Transcribed by Andy Wytster * * * ****************************************************** Chords used in this song A5 D5 G5 ---------- --------- -------- ---------- --------- -------- ---------- ---7----- -------- ---7------ ---7----- ---5---- ---7------ ---5----- ---5---- ---5------ --------- ---3---- I can hardly figure out any of the words to this song (no disrespect to billies voice or anything it's probably me just being english) so I've just used some of the words that I could figure out, but the chords are the same all the way through and the bridge to this song is just the verse chords played with no singing. A5 D5 G5 A5 Like a dog that just pissed on your barbeque your sick of me --- repeat 4 times C5 G5 D5 G5 C5 A5 Walkin out of the door I am over you ----- repeat twice A5 C5 A5 C5 I know you got your problems......... ---- this isn't said every time these chords are played end on A5