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 Sweet Children de Green Day

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-## You might not have to put the A in the chorus with the * next to it. This should be pretty accurate. The intro sounds like Welcome to Paradise, with the same rythem and all. Billie probably screwed up the intro and got Welcome to Paradise, they really sound a lot alike. Tune to Eb(Looks best in Courier) Chords: EADGBe A: 5774-- B: 7998-- D: 5577-- E: 7799-- Intro: E A D Verse 1: E A D E See a young girl so soft and blonde E A D E Doesn't attack me but she did once E A D E Intoxications in her veins E A D E Sweet young boy plays with her brain E A D E Lydia'll bring to life E A D E Putting his hand on her thigh E A D E Ability has now been ripped E A D B Take it away, I'd rather sit Chorus: B A D A Sweet children B A D A Sweet children B A D A Sweet children B A D A Remember when Verse 2: Johnny's playing fun and games Or else he's ?in the storage shed? Running from the light of day Or maybe lie and celebrate The funny circus from his head Follow me if you understand I'll trick her so she'll do it Then I'll sing and now we run Chorus zach