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 Tight Wad Hill de Green Day

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# "Tight Wad Hill" Verse: A G A Cheapskate on the hill. A G A A thrill seeker making deals. A G A Sugar city urchin wasting time. A G A Town of lunatics. Pre-Chorus: E D A Begging for another fix. E D A Turning tricks for speedballs. E D One more night. E D Making your rounds again. B Turning up empty handed. Chorus: A G A Bumming a ride, Burning daylight. A G A Last up @ dawn, tight wad hill. Verse: A G A Drugstore hooligan. A G A Another white trash mannequin. A G A On display to rot up on the hill. A G A Living out a lie. A G A But having the time of his life. A G A Hating every minute of his existence. HOPE YOU LIKE THIS....GEEKSTINK@AOL.COM I noticed that this song was posted totally wrong so here is the real version. This is one of Green Days fastest and most powerful songs to date. If you don't own Insomniac, or any of their other albums, go out and get them! If you have your guitar tuned down like BJ does than just play everything one fret higher. Have fun! Tight Wad Hill by: Green Day Verse: G# Cheapskate on the hill, a thrill seeker making deals F# G# F# F# Sugar city urchin wasting time G# Town of lunatics, begging for another fix F# G# Turning tricks for speedballs one more night Chorus: B F# G# Making your rounds once again B F# G# Turning up empty handed B F# Bumming a ride B F# Burning daylight B F# G# F# F# Last up at dawn, Tight Wad Hill Verse: G# Drugstore hooligan, another white trash mannequin F# G# F# F# On display to rot up on the hill G# Living out a lie, but having the time of his life F# G# Hating every minute of his existence Chorus: same as before Bridge: G# F# G# F# F# G# F# G# Chorus: again the same ends on G# There thats it, hope it helps. If you have any comments or want to talk Green Day, then E-mail me (Derek Gromacki) at .