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 Boulevard Of Broken Dreams de Green Day

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Song: Boulevard of Broken Dreams Artist: Green Day Tabbed by: Brandon Mitchell Email: Tuning: Eb I dont think he actually plays it in Eb, but if you're feelin fat and sassy and like a lil acoustic, and just plain sounding better, then try this. This is all my own work. G basically the song is based around 5 chords. F#m, A, E, B and D As well as a C# going into the verse from chorus, and vice versa. Just use that as a power chord. Verse F#m A I walk a lonely road E B F#m The only one I that have ever known A Don't know were it goes E B But its only me and I walk alone Chorus D A E B My shadows the only one that walks beside me D A E B My shallow hearts the only thing that's beating D A E B Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me D A C# Till then I'll walk alone Outro e|-------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------------------------------------| G|-------------------------------------------------------------------| D|-------------------------------------------------------------------| A|------------5~---5--5--7~---7--7--6~---6--6------------------------| E|-2~---2--2-----------------------------------5~---5--5--1~---1--1--| Just keep repeating that. And thats basically it. _________________________________________________________________