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 Hold On de Green Day

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Artist: Green Day Song: Hold On Album: Warning Tabbed by: Future^Trunks ( Email any corrections to I came to .net, and I couldn't BELIEVE this song hadn't been tabbed yet! Oh well, this is one of Green Day's best, although it never made it as a hit, as with many of their great songs. This song is really easy, and all the chords are just basic open major chords. Tuning: standard All the chords are basic open, major chords. Intro: G C G C G C D Verse: G C G D As I step ... G C G D G C G D With my ... C D G As I reach ... G C G D G C G D As the sun ... G C The sound ... G D The will ... C D G As I reach ... Chorus: Em G D G When you've lost ... Em G Nothing's left ... C D You gotta ... G C G C G C D Hold on to ...