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 Jackass de Green Day

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Jackass - Green Day sur
song: jackass artist: green day album: warning tabbed by: pedro ponce this song can be played on both acoustic and electic guitar. i think the chorus can be played with other chords, wich sound a lot better to me in acoustic: Bm Cadd9 G/F# G E|-2---x----3----3-| B|-3---3----3----3-| G|-4---0----0----0-| D|-4---2----0----0-| A|-2---3----2----2-| E|-x---x----2----3-| standard tuning CHORDS G5 F5 C5 B5 D5 C C/B Am A5 C5/B5 G5/F#5 E5 E7 E|-x---x---x---x---x---0---0---0---x---x-----x-----x---0-| B|-x---x---x---x---x---1---1---1---x---x-----x-----x---0-| G|-x---x---5---4---7---0---0---2---2---5-----x-----9---1-| D|-5---3---5---4---7---2---x---2---2---5-----5-----9---0-| A|-5---3---3---2---5---3---2---0---0---2-----5-----7---2-| E|-3---1---x---x---x---x---x---x---x---x-----2-----x---0-| (kinda made up some chords names) *intro* C C/B Am x3 third time end with D5 G5 F5 C5 x4 *Verse 1* G5 D5 to konw you.... C5 C5/B5 A5 C5 C5/B5 A5 well i don't..... C5 C5/B5 A5 D5 i am not..... *Verse 2* with same chords *Chorus* B5 (or Bm) everybody loves.... C5 (or Cadd9) G5 (or G) G5/F#5 (or G/F#) and you're always.... B5 you're well..... C5 D5 but.... *Verse 3* same chords as other verses *Chorus* *Saxo solo and guitar solo wich i couldn't tab* chord sequence for saxo solo: G5 F5 C5 guitar solo: D5 C5 E5 listen to cd to get the rythm *final verse* G5 D5 to know you..... C5 C5/B5 A5 C5 C5/B5 A5 well i don't.... C5 C5/B5 A5 A5 E7 you're wasting all your time i think i got right most of the song but if you have any comments or corrections just e-mail me!