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 Letterbomb de Green Day

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Song: Letterbomb Artist: Green Day Writer: Billie Joe Armstrong Album: American Idiot Tabbed by Katie Lawlor. Contact me at This is an awesome song. Really easy and really good. Green Day has always been awesome and I think this song shows it. Good luck. Intro: E, E, G#5(m), G#5(m), C#m, C#m, A, A Verse: "Where have all the bastards..." E, E, A, A, F#m, A, E, E, G#m, C#m, G#m, C#m, A, F#m, B, A5, E5 (the A5 and the E5 on the 3&4 count after B), B Pre-Chorus: "The tevelvison's a..." A, A, B, B Chorus: "It's not over till your..." E, B, A, E, B, A, E, B, F#m, A, E, B, A Check out my other tabs: Jets "Timothy" and "Rollover DJ" and The Killers "Mr. Brightside". Email me with any questions.