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 No Pride de Green Day

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"No Pride" Intro: A B C D E D C Verse: G D I'm just a mutt, A D and nowhere is my home. G D Where dignity's a land mine, A C in the school of lost hope. G D I've panhandled for a life A D I'm not afraid to beg. G D Hand me down your lost and founds A C of second hand regret. Pre- Chorus: A B C D A You better, swallow your pride, or you're gonna choke on it. A B C D G You better digest your values, because they turn to shit. Chorus: A B Honor's gonna knock you down, C D before your chance to stand up and fight. E D I know I'm not the one, C I've got no pride. Verse: G D Sects of disconnection, A D and traditions of lost faith. G D No culture's worth a stream of piss, A C Or a bullet in my face. G D To hell with unity, A D separation's gonna kill us all. G D Torn to shreds and disjointed, A C Before the final fall.