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 Poprocks And Coke de Green Day

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Poprocks And Coke - Green Day sur
POPROCKS & COKE by Green Day - Billie Joe tabbed by Alex Dixon ( This is the best of the three new tracks on Superhits. Remember to palm mute. INTRO A E VERSE A D A E D A CHORUS A E(open) F# E(open) A E(open) E D A E (open) E D BRIDGE A E(open) F# E (open) A D E (play through twice) OUTRO A E A E A Enjoy. If anyone can improve the bridge please send it to me. Otherwise it's pretty much right. Staring at the world I think I'm locked up an i trance. Am I a victim of my own self importance? Slowly realising no-one thinks that I'm their one Would anyone really notice or care if I was gone "Billy Funky Goat" - 2001