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 Warning de Green Day

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Artist: Green Day Song: Warning Album: Warning It's quite easy to miss the fact that the 2 verse measures end differently. The first pops the octave C#, the second simply descends. Gotta have it. It may impair your ability to operate machinery. Also, the F# that was shown in the chorus is actually a G Verse: A D G D A D G A G |----------------0-0-----------2-|----------------0-0-------------| D |--------0-0-2-4-----4-2-0-0-----|--------0-0-2-4-----4-2-0-0-----| A |0-0-2-4---------------------4---|0-0-2-4---------------------4-2-| E |--------------------------------|--------------------------------| Chorus: A A G |------------------------------|------------------------------| D |------------------------------|------------------------------| A |0---4-0-------0-0-4-0---------|0---4-0-------0-0-4-0---------| E |--------3---0-----------3---0-|--------3---0-----------3---0-| The chorus lick is played on the first 2 lines of the last verse. Legend: G |---------------| measure lines D |---------------| A |---------------| E |---------------| one measure > Have Fun! ~®