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 Used To Love Her de Guns N Roses

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Used To Love Her - Guns N Roses sur
-## [ Article crossposted from alt.rock-n-roll.metal.gnr ] [ Author was Brad ] Used to Love Her, by Guns and Roses, from Lies This is the first song I ever learned with chords. Fairly simple. It uses only three basic chords: D A G ====== ====== ====== |||||| |||||| |||||| == other fingerings are possible for these |||1|2 ||111| |1|||| three, but these are the easiest for me. ||||3| |||||| 2||||3 Now strum along with the album, about 5 strums per chord letter in time: (I'm not sure if my chord/word sync is perfect here, it's been a while) D A G A I used to Love her, but I had to Kill her (repeat as necessary) G A G A G D She bitched so much, she drove me nuts, and now we're happier this way. Or something like that. The order of the chords at Nevada is accurate, if mine are not. The album is tuned down 1/2 step. What that means is that each one of the strings on Izzy's guitar was tuned one semitone lower in pitch than "standard" (A=440 hz) tuning when playing. G on the album what you actually hear instead of D A G A, etc is Dflat Aflat Gflat, etc, even though it's physically played in the exact same way. b = bend at first note to the pitch of the second note r = release to second note from the pitch of first note [] = note is not struck () = optional note Tune down 1/2 step First Solo D A G A -------10------------------------------------------------------- ----------10----------------------------10---------------------- --9b11------[11]r9--7--9--------7--9--7----9b11--7-------------- -------hold----------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- D A G -------10-------10-------10----12b14-12-10-12-12------12-10----- -10b12----10b12----10b12----10---------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- A G -17----------------------------14-15-16-17---------------------- ----17b19-17----15-17-15-17b19-------------17b19r17-15-17----15- ----------------------------------------------------------16---- ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- A G -17b19-17------------------------------------------------------- ----------17b19r17-15-17----15----17b18r17-15-17----15----15---- -------------------------16----------------------16----16------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- A G A -17b19-19-19-19r17------------17-------17-------17-------------- -------hold-------------17b19----17b19----17b19----19r17-15-17-- -----------------------------------------------hold------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- D --------------------------------------------10------------------ ----15-17-15----15----15-15\---------------(10)-----13---------- -16----------16-------------------12-10h11------11-(11)--------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------