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 The Shortest Story de Harry Chapin

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The Shortest Story - Harry Chapin sur Guitariff.net
te: Sat, 21 Feb 1998 03:48:34 -0800 LISTEN TO THE SONG ON "GREATEST SONGS LIVE" TO UNDESTAND STRUM C CHORD SLOWLY PLUCK C ON THE B STRING AND THE OPEN G STRING TOGETHOR THREE TIME C G F G em (STRUM em SLOWLY) I am born today, the sun burns its promise in my eyes; F G C em am Mama strikes me and I draw a breath and cry. F G C em am Above me a cloud softly tumbles through the sky; G G F I am glad to be alive. G F C G F G em (STRUM em SLOW) It is me seventh day, I taste the hunger and I cry; F G C em am my brother and sister cling to Mama's side. F G C em am She squeezes her breast, but it has nothing to provide; G G F someone weeps, I fall asleep. G F C G F G em (STRUM) It is twenty days today, Mama does not hold me anymore; F G C em am I open my mouth but I am too weak to cry. F G C em am Above me a bird slowly crawls across the sky; G G am why is there nothing now to do but die?