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 Proportion Theory de Havalina Rail Co

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Proportion Theory - Havalina Rail Co sur
Tabbed by: Tyler Michel(of the Bearings!) Song: Proportion Theory Artist: Havalina Rail Co. Album: Havalina Rail Co. Record Co: Tooth N' Nail During the verses play this: e|-8-7-5-2-0-8-7-5-2-0-8-7-5-2-0-2-2-2 b|------------------------------------------------- g|------------------------------------------------- d|------------------------------------------------- a|------------------------------------------------- E|-8-7-5-2-0-8-7-5-2-0-8-7-5-2-0-2-2-2 Then you hit the power chords: C-B-A-F#-C-B-A-F#-C-B-A-E-F# You'll get the feel if you play along with the CD. If you want to contact me for no apparent reason my e-mail is: