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INTRO and acoustic guitar riff: D (xx0755) C (xx0533) G/D (xx0433) D D* (xx013x) G/B (x2003x) Bottom E string tuned down to D The acoustic riff plays throughout the verses. Bm Bb* I'm breaking out of this tired old spell, D E A I braved it out long and so well, oh G G/C G/B G/C D CHORUS: And the phoenix flys, straight and high back to avalon. G G/C G/B G/C D C Now I'm on my way back where I belong, gonna go down with the sun D C/D G/D D D* G/B Back to avalon. C D E7 F BRIDGE: Back to avalon ... nobody knows what's inside my head or G D E F G A down this road. Whoa whoa I know I'm going home. B*: x12320 G/C: x3x433 G/B: x2x033