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 Straight Outta Time de Hiatt John

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Straight Outta Time - Hiatt John sur Guitariff.net
At least one of the guitars on the album is in dropped-D tuning, but the acoustic is standard tuned (I think), so it sounds cool like that if you're playing it by yourself. Enjoy! Comments, corrections etc always welcome. STRAIGHT OUTTA TIME - John Hiatt -------------------------------- D G D G D G Hot summer night, I was counting all the starlight on your skin D G C Airtight, as I watched you breathing out, I'm breathing in D G By the lake, so humid that the moon was getting wet D G C For our sake the crickets started playing their castonets D G Like a gypsy, you stole me from a child into a man D G C It never hit me: I've been running ever since I took a stand A Em /F# G Just swaying in the breeze like a sweet memory D C G Running straight outta time, straight outta time (x2) D G Since you were mine That autumn chill sent a shiver, girl, it shook us to the bone And we still had February frozen on the phone Spring thaw, would it find us with our lips frozen blue? Love calls, but do we really live the time we're running through? Or like a dream, do we let it die and drift away to sleep Until it screams like an echo in the history books you keep 'Cause that stream running from the corners of my mind Looking back I find like a river it unwinds Running straight outta time, straight outta time (x2) A Running straight outta time just like an old man's fiddle G Looking for the dance; gonna meet me in the middle A I'm never gonna figure out the way that I feel - Em /F# G D Running straight outta time, but my love's still real Solo> |G |D |G C | |D |G |D |G C | D G Now I see you- you're looking pretty in your summer dress D G C I can almost feel you as you clutch your little locket to your breast D G Looking down at the picture, girl, you know you're looking fine D G Is it me? Was I ever in your heart or on your mind? D G Cause I'm running outta time D G (hold) I'm running straight outta time Were you ever mine? -------- Main riff: D + + + G + +(C) + |-0---2-----------0-2p0---0-2p0---|-3----------------(3-3---3)------| |-3---3-----------3-3---3-3-3---3-|-3----------------(3-3---3)------| |-2---2-----------2-2---2-2-2---2-|-0----------------(0-0---0)------| |-0---0-----------0-0---0-0-0---0-|-0----------------(2-2---2)------| |---------------------------------|-2----------------(3-3---3)------| |---------------------------------|-3-------------------------------| Notation used: + = Beat marker p = Pull-off