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 Close To The Flame de Him

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Close To The Flame - Him sur Guitariff.net
Artist: HIM Album: “Deep Shadows And Brilliant Highlights” Song: “Close To The Flame” Tabbed by Giedrius (TwistedSound@room33) Chords: Em Hm D C E|--0----2---2---0--| B|--0----3---3---1--| G|--0----4---2---0--| D|--2—---4---0---2--| A|--2—---2-------3--| E|--0—---2-------3--| Intro: Em, Hm, C, D x2 Verse 1: Em D C Hm Em D C Hm The kiss, sweetest and touch, so warm, Em D C Hm Em D C Hm The smile, kindest in this world, so cold and strong. Refrain: Em Hm G close to the flame, C D Burning brightly, Em Hm Won’t fade away, C D Leave this moment. Verse 2: Em D C Hm Em The arms, safest and... (I didn’t figured these words out, but chords are the same) Em D C Hm Em D C Hm The faith, deepest in this world, so cold and cruel. Play refrain again. After that goes the solo, that I haven’t figured out yet. Through the solo play these chords: Em, D, C, Hm, Em, Hm, C, D