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 Pretending de Him

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Pretending - Him sur Guitariff.net
Author: HIM (Valo) Song: Pretending Album: Deep Shadows and brilliant highlights Transcriptor: Carlos Serrano (jamonzete@hotmail.com) ------------------------------------------------------ Well, remember, I´m 17 spanish boy and i Don´t write so much English. This song, the first single from the album resumes the contents of it, but I think there are best songs, like Salt in our wounds, please don´t let it go....., anyway, I´m writing the tabs and i will send it soon. ---------------------------------------------------------- Tuned Standard Intro: it is played by the "sintetizador", but if you wanna play it, this are the chords. C#m - F#5 - E5 - B5 THEN , PLAY THE CHORDS FROM THE CHORUS, A5 - B5- C#5 - B5 - A5 The verse are the same chords that the intro, but the last time, just before the chorus, he plays C#m - F#5 - E5 - A5 - B5 The CHORUS, A5 - B5- C#5 - B5 - A5 I said, KEEP ON PRETENDING AT THE END OF THE SONG, DURING THE SECOND PART OF THE CHORUS, he plays this It´s all right A5 - B5- C#5 - D#5 - E5 - F#5 - E5 - D#5 - C#5 and plays again the chorus before. That´s all folks! Remember, If you are a spanish boy and you like groups like Nirvana, Him, Staind...., please, send me a mail. I want to create a group to play something.