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 Walk Idiot Walk de Hives

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Walk Idiot Walk - Hives sur
Artist: Hives, The Song Title: Walk Idiot Walk As appears on: Walk Idiot Walk Single Tabbed by: Daniel Cardoza ( This my first tab so bare with me... *= 8 times Intro: Just play this once before going into the normal riff G | 0-3-0--------------- D | -------------------- A | -------------------- E | -------------------- Riff during the verses: Just play this pretty much the whole song G | ---------0-3-0----------------------------------------- D | -7*-5-7*----------------------------------------------- A | ------------------------------------------------------- E | ------------------------------------------------------- Riff during the chorus: Forgive me if I'm wrong, but this is what I think it sounds like Just play it when Howlin' Pete goes "They say this is all I need..." or in the music video when the lights dim out G | ------------------------------------------------------- D | -7*-5*-7*---------------------------------------------- A | ------------------------------------------------------- E | ------------------------------------------------------- It sounds like should be another set of 5's in there when he goes lie-ie-ie but I don't think there is. You just play the intro and the main riff a couple of times and then the chorus riff, at the end of the song there is no bass so therefore there is no outro. I'm working on a guitar tab for this song, but who know if I'll ever finish it... I'd really enjoy other Hives tabs though. Peace...