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 Garnets Homemade Beer de Ian Robb

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Garnets Homemade Beer - Ian Robb sur Guitariff.net
******** GARNET'S HOMEMADE BEER Time: 2/2 Tenor: D Bass: C - Ian Robb, 1978, on: From Different Angels - Music: Barrett's Privateers (Stan Rogers) Oh, the year was Nineteen Seventy-eight (How I wish I'd never tried it now) When a score of men were turned quite green By the scummiest ale you've ever seen CHORUS: God damn them all, I was told This beer was worth its weight in gold We'd feel no pain, shed no tears But it's a foolish man who shows no fear At a glass of Garnet's home-made beer Oh, Garnet Rogers cried the town (How I wish I'd never tried it now) For twenty brave men, all masochists who Would taste for him his home-made brew This motley crew was a sickening sight (How I wish I'd never tried it now) There was caveman Dave with his eyes in bags He'd a hard-boiled liver and the staggers and jags Well we hadn't been there but an hour or two (How I wish I'd never tried it now) When a voice said: Gimme some home-made brew And Steeleye Stan hove into view Now Steeleye Stan was a frightening man (How I wish I'd never tried it now) He was eight feet tall and four feet wide He said: Pass that jug or I'll tan your hide Stan took one sip and pitched on his side (How I wish I'd never tried it now) Garnet was smashed with a gut full of dregs And his breath set fire to both me legs G here I lay in me twenty-third beer (How I wish I'd never tried it now) It's been ten years since I felt this way On the night before my wedding day NOTES: - Usually sung acapella - From: rompub@gpu.utcc.utoronto.ca (Gene Wilburn), 2 Aug 1994