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 Pardon Me de Incubus

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Pardon Me - Incubus sur
Band: Incubus Song: Pardon Me Album: Make Yourself Tuning: Standard Intro (Phaser and Volume Swell) X4 e----------0 B----------0 G--4-4-4-4-4 D--2-2-2-2-- A--4-0-4-0-- E----------- Intro (Distorted) e--4444-0000-4444-0-------777-4444-0000-4444-0-777------ B--4444-0000-4444-0-------777-4444-0000-4444-0-777------ G--6666-2222-6666-2-0-44--999-6666-2222-6666-2-999------ D--6666-2222-6666-2-2-44--999-6666-2222-6666-2-999-99-7- A--4444-0000-4444-0-2-22--777-4444-0000-4444-0-777-99-7- E-------------------0------------------------------77-5- Verse (Flanger/Volume Swell etc.) e--11-11---0-----0---11 B----------4-----4----- G--11-11-5-----7-----11 D--9--9--6-----7-----9- A--11-7--5-----5-----7- E--------------------7- These are all chords so the 11 is eleventh fret, and also on the last you should bar on the 7th fret. ON THE xxxx40 have delay on Chorus (Distorted) e-0000-444444444-----0000-----4444- B-0000-444444444-----0000-----4444- G-2222-666666666-444-2222-444-6666- D-2222-666666666-444-2222-444-6666- A-0000-444444444-222-0000-222-4444- E----------------------------- For the kinda pre chorus just strum the x02200 up and down mad, and on the last x244xx to x46644 mute it really quick a couple of times, play to the song and you'll know what i mean DJ SOLO VERSE CHORUS INTRO BIT (FLANGER) X4 e----------0-|-0- B----------0-|-0-Only do on the last time (With delay) G--4-4-4-4-4-|-6- D--2-2-2-2---|--- A--4-0-4-0---|--- E------------|--- Chorus Then soon it goes back to intro, where brandon is just going PARDON ME!