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 Strange World de Iron Maiden

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IRON MAIDEN Strange World from the album Iron Maiden (1980) Em G The only place where you can dream, D C Liven here is not what it seems. Em G Ship of white, light in the sky, D C Nobody there to reason why. Em G Here I am, I'm not really there, D C Smiling faces ever so rare. Em G A let's walk in deepest space, D C Living here, just isn't the place. Em G Stalk of light come from the ground, D C When I cry there isn't a sound. Em G All my feelings cannot be held, D C I'm happy in my new strange world. Em G Shades of green, grasses twine, D C Girls drinking plasma wine. Em G A look at love, a dream enfolds, D C Em Liven here you'll never grow old. Don't you hear me call? OLIVIER SCHWEBEL ( ***************************************** * I found smog at the end of my rainbow * * MARILLION * *****************************************