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 Un Lugar Celestial de Jaci Velasquez

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From crickman@bellsouth.net Fri Apr 18 10:38:02 1997 "UN LUGAR CELESTIAL (A HEAVENLY PLACE)" By: Jaci Velasquez Album: "Heavenly Place" Written by: Mark Heimermann, Regie Hamm, Bob Farrell, David Velasquez Tab: Chris Rickman (crickman@bellsouth.net) (C)1996 Longitude Music Co. on behalf of Windswept Pacific Ltd./BMI INTRO: Em Am7 Dsus q q q e e e e e q e e e q q Q Q q e e e Q q q e |-----------2-3-|+3---------0-2-|-3---0-2-/-|-5--3---1-2-|-3---0-3--3- |-r--r--3/5-----|-0-----0-0-0-0-|-0---0-0---|-5--1-1-----|-1---1-1--3- |---------------|---0---0---0---|-0---0-----|-5----------|-0---0-0--2- |---------------|-----2---------|-----------|------------|----------0- |---------------|---------------|-----------|-0----------|-0---------- |---------------|-0-------------|-0---------|------------|------------ D Dadd9 Bsus B7 Bm7 D/E +e q q q e +e q q e e e e e e q q e q s E q s s Q q Q |-3-2-2-0-0-|-0---------0-|---------7---|-----5--3-2h3h|-2------- |-3-3-3-3-3-|-3-3-----3---|-7-----7---4-|-4-3----------|---3----- |-2-------2-|-2-2-2-2-----|-9-9-------2-|-2------------|-----2-/- |-0-------0-|-0-----------|-9---9-----4-|-4------------|--------- |-----------|-------------|-----------2-|-2------------|--------- |-----------|-------------|-7-----------|--------------|-0------- Em D/E Em Q q Q e e e q Q w |-----------|------------|------------ |-5---5-----|-3-----3----|-0---------- |-4---4-4-\-|-2-2---2----|-0---------- |-5---------|-4---4---4\-|-2---------- |-----------|------------|-2---------- |-0---------|-0----------|-0---------- VERSE Em Emin/maj7 G/E A9 q e q q e +q e q q e +q e q q e +q e q q e |-----3-3-3-|-3---3-3-3-|-3---3-3-3-|-3---3-3-3--- |-----5-5-4-|-4---4-4-3-|-3---3-3-2-|-2---2-2-2--- |---4---4-4-|-4---4-4-4-|-4---4-4-4-|-4---4-4-4--- |-2-------2-|-2-2-----2-|-2-2-------|------------- |-----------|-----------|---------0-|-0-0--------- |-----------|-----------|-----------|------------- Sometimes I realize when I gaze in the skies Am7 B7 Em B7 e e e q q e e Q e Q e e e q q e Q e q q |---------3---|-3---2---|---------0---|-0---2------ |-------1-----|-1-r---r-|-------0-----|-0-r-4-r---- |-----0-----0-|-----2---|-----0-----0-|-----2------ |---2---------|---------|---2---------|------------ |-0-----------|-0---2---|-------------|-----2------ |-------------|---------|-0-----------|-0---------- This spinning world is not my home Em Emin/maj7 G/E A9 e e e q q e +q e q q e e e e q q e e e e q q e |-------3-3-3-|-3---3-3-3-|-------3-3-3-|-------3-3-3- |-------5-5-4-|-4---4-4-3-|-------3-3-2-|-------2-2-2- |-----4-----4-|-4---4-4-4-|-----4-------|-----4------- |---2-------2-|-2-2-------|---2---------|---2--------- |-------------|-----------|-------------|-0----------- |-0-----------|-----------|-0-----------|------------- A place of mystery, a land of destiny Am7 B7 Em-sus4 e e e q q e e Q e Q e e e q q e +e q e q q |---------3---|-3---2---|---------0---|-----------| |-------1-----|-1-r---r-|-------0-----|-----------| |-----0-----0-|-----2---|-----2-----2-|-2-0-0-----| |---2---------|---------|---2---------|-------2-0-| |-0-----------|-0---2---|-------------|-----------| |-------------|---------|-0-----------|-----------| Is where I know one day I'll go BRIDGE C D Esus E I dream of beauty I have never seen C D Amin7/9 I know the arms of heaven wait for me C D Esus E And yet I feel its sweetness here and now Cmin-b7 B7 In this life on earth -- I have found CHORUS Em Am7 Un lugar celestial D B7 Just a little bit of heaven sent from up above Em Am7 Un lugar celestial D B7 Where the presence of my father Holds me in His love B7/E Emin D/E Emin Un lugar celestial 2nd VERSE When all my skies are gray I simply steal away Into my secret hiding place When hearts are cold as ice The breath of paradise Blows warm and gentle on my face 2nd BRIDGE I know I need my time alone with Him His healing waters flowing deep within Don't have to wish upon a distant star 'Cause the light of love fills my Heart 2nd CHORUS El cielo me llama (Heaven is calling me) Caminando en las Nubes (Walking on the clouds) Chord voicings for bridge C D (Dsus4/9) Esus E Amin7/9 Cmin-b7 B7 |-0---2---0---------0------0----7------------------7-------| |-1---3---3---------0------0----5---------8--------7-------| |-0---2---0---------2------1----5---------8--------8-------| |-2---0---4---------2------2----5---------7--------7-------| |-3-------5---------2------2----7------------------9-------| |-------------------0------0----5---------8--------7-------| (Try substituting Dsus4/9 for D) Chord voicings for chorus Em Am7 D B7 B7/E Emin D/E Emin |-3-----5------2---2---------------------------| |-5-----5------3---4----7-----5------3----0----| |-4-----5------2---2----8-----4------2----0----| |-2-----5------0---4----7-----5------4----2----| |-------0----------2---------------------------| |-----------------------0-----0------0----0----| Assorted chorus fills Em Am7 q e q q e +q q q q q e q q e +q q q q |--------------|----------|-----------|---------| |--------10-10-|-10s8-7-8-|-------3-3-|-3s1-0-1-| |-r-9s11----11-|-11s9-7-9-|-r-2s4---4-|-4s2-0-2-| |--------------|----------|-----------|---------| |--------------|----------|-----------|---------| |--------------|----------|-----------|---------| Am7 h e e e e +e e q q q |---------10-|-10-8--8--7-5-| |------------|--------------| |-r-r-9s11---|----10-10-7-5-| |------------|--------------| |------------|--------------| |------------|--------------| B7 |-----------|--10p8p7--------| |-----------|---------10-8-7-| |-----------|----------------| |-----------|----------------| |-----------|----------------| |-----------|----------------| Em |----------12-14-15-14-12----| |-------12----------------12-| |----12----------------------| |-14-------------------------| |----------------------------| |----------------------------| Am7 |-8--------7-8-7-------| |--------8-------10-10-| |------9---------------| |---10-----------------| |----------------------| |----------------------| w,h,q,e,s = whole,half,quarter,eighth,sixteenth H,Q,E = dotted half, quarter, eighth + = tie / = slide up \ = slide down r = rest Comments, suggestions, corrections: crickman@bellsouth.net P.S. 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