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 Sexy Plexi de Jack Johnson

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Sexy Plexi - Jack Johnson sur
"Sexy Plexi" by Jack Johnson Album the Album, "Brushfire Fairytales" Transcribed by Josh DeFonzo This is the authors interpretation of the song, and is entirely his own work. Intro |--------7---5p3p2-3--------------------------| |--2h3p2---0---------5p3p2-2-0h2h3-3s5-7---7--| |----------------------------------------4-6--| |---------------------------------------------| |---------------------------------------------| |---------------------------------------------| Verse F# Bm |--2----2----| |--2----3----| |--3----4----| |--4----4----| Four Times |--4----2----| |--2---------| "Sexy sexy made up of plexi disaster. . ." F# G A |--2----3--0-| |--2----3--2-| |--3----4--2-| One Time |--4----5--2-| |--4----5--0-| |--2----3----| "Plexi plexi bend don't shatter, once you're broken shape don't matter" Chorus Bm A G F# |--2--0--3--2--| |--3--2--3--2--| |--4--2--4--3--| |--4--2--5--4--| Two Times, then Bm for one measure |--2--0--5--4--| |--------3--2--| "You're breaking your mind by killing the time that kills you" Song structure: Intro, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus Questions, Comments -