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 Ill Be There de Jackson 5

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Ill Be There - Jackson 5 sur Guitariff.net
Sent: Wednesday, December 17, 1997 1:48 AM Title: I'LL BE THERE Artist: by the Jackson 5 Here is "I'll be There" for anyone who wants to learn it. There is another version under MAriah Carey but I can't figure that one out. Here is how it really goes: F Am/E You and I must make a pact Dm C We must bring salvation back Bb Bb/C Where there is love F I'll be there F Am/E I'll reach out my hand to you Dm C I'll have faith in all you do Bb Bb/C Whenever you need me F I'l be there Ab Eb I'll be there to comfort you Bb Build my world of dreams around you Bb/C I'm so glad that I found you Ab Eb I'll be there with a love that's strong Bb Bb/C I'll be your strength , I'll keep holding on I forgot the rest of the words but it just repeats itself from there! Have fun!