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Song: "Flood" Atrist: Jars of Clay Album: Jars of Clay (c) 1995 Brentwood Music Inc. Written: Jars of Clay, Noah Evens Simpt: Trae Blain (tblain@usa.net) Am G Esus Am G Esus Am G Esus Rain, Rain on my face, Am G Esus Hasn't stopped raining for days Am G Esus My world is a flood Am G Esus Slowly I become one with the mud. (Pre-Chorus) Am G Esus If I can't swim after forty days Am G Esus And my mind is crushed by the crashing waves Am G Esus Lift me up so high that I cannot fall Am G Esus Lift me up. (Chorus) Am F G Esus Lift me up - when I'm falling Am F G Esus Lift me up - I'm weak and I'm dying Am F G Esus Lift me up - I need you to hold me Am F G Esus Lift me up - and keep me from droning again Am G Esus Down pour on my soul Am G Esus Splashing through the ocean I'm losing control Am G Esus Dark skies all around Am G Esus Can't feel my feet toughing the ground (Repeat Pre-Chorus) (Repeat Chorus) Am G Esus Calm the storm that drench my eyes Am G Esus And dry the streams still flowing Am G Esus Cast down all waves of sin Am G Esus And guilt that overthrow me (Repeat Pre-Chorus) (Repeat Chorus x2) ************************************************************** *Note: This is not to playable with the CD. This version is simplified for beginner guitarists. I think putting the capo to the 3rd fret will make it very close. Again this is for preformance or of personal practice.