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 Curbside Prophet de Jason Mraz

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Curbside Prophet - Jason Mraz sur Guitariff.net
Tabbed By: Zack Parsons Artist: Jason Mraz Album: Waiting for My Rocket to Come SONG: Curbside Prophet; Track 5. Label: Elektra This is all my very own work. Yay. =). This will be the very first tab can sport by Jason Mraz (11/07/02). When I first heard this guy, I immediately recognized and admired his talent - especially as a vocalist. He is, as far as I've seen, almost completely unknown... at least here, in the Midwest. Well... This is a great song, and I had fun tabbing it. I hope my posting will cause others to stumble onto this guy, and spread the word. Good musicians like this really should get recognition and become successful. Enjoy! There are 3 parts to the song. They are repetitive and don't really change anywhere in the song. Here they are; just pick them up and follow the changes, and, more importantly, the beat. Standard tuning. e-------------x-x-------------x-x-----------------------------R B-------------x-x-------8-8\--x-x-----------------------------E G-------4-4/--x-x-------7-7\--x-x------2-2h3-3-2-2------------P D-------5-5/--x-x-------------x-x------3-3-3-3-3-3------------E A-------------x-x-------------x-x-----------------------------A E--3-3--------x-x--8-8--------x-x--1-1-----1-1-1-1------------T Well... that's really all there is to it. It sounds cool adding little licks and fills here and there, but that is the song. I'll post more songs from this album soon, I'm sure... time permitting. If you have any Q's or comments, I'm at zackparsons1984@hotmail.com. Happy playing. Celebrate we will... life is short but sweet for certain. - David Matthews