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 Thats All I Ask de Jeff Buckley

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Thats All I Ask - Jeff Buckley sur
That's All I Ask ================ By Jeff Buckley This tab isn't at all complete but it might shed some light on it. It is the version from "Mystery White Boy" in case theres some other version out there. To start with, the intro goes a bit like this and falls into some chords. E|-------------------------------------------------------- B|-------------------------------------------------------- G|---------7-------7---------9-------------7-------7------ D|-------0---0---0--0>0----0---0---0-0 0-0---0---0---0---- A|-----7-------7----7>9--9-------9---9 7-------7---------- E|---0-----------------0---------------------------------- E|-------------------------------------------------------- B|-------------------------------------------------------- G|---5---7---9---5---------------------------------------- D|---0---0---0---0---------------------------------------- A|---5---7---9---5---------------------------------------- E|---0---0---0---0---------------------------------------- Those last 4 chords are strummed. This is where the "Don't blow out the sun for me..." is sung. I have nothing on the verse right now but i will update as i am working on this. I think these chords are similar to the ones in the break/verse. Sorry, i know its not much to go on, but if you fiddle with these basic shapes then you might stumble upon something that sounds accurate. E|---7---10--10---5---5---3---------------------------------- B|---7---8---12---7---5---3---------------------------------- G|---7---9---12---7---6---4---------------------------------- D|---5---7---9----7---4---2---------------------------------- A|---0---0---0----5------------------------------------------ E|----------------0----------------------------------------- You play these as 4 down strokes for the first 3 and the last 3 as triplets i think. (What the hell do i mean? i can't even read music and i'm crappin' on about triplets!) This is my first tab and i'm only 14 anyway so don't bag me out fellas! I do have a very complete tab including intro, verse break etc. somewhere and i will put it here...just wait! Hambo (email suggestions)