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 Last Goodbye de Jeff Buckley

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Last Goodbye - Jeff Buckley sur
om Sat Mar 21 18:57:07 1998 [The following text is in the "iso-8859-1" character set] [Your display is set for the "US-ASCII" character set] [Some characters may be displayed incorrectly] Song: "Last Goodbye" Artist: Jeff Buckley Album: Grace Transcribed by Peter Henry The last tab posted for this song was pretty vague, so I thought I would clean it up a little bit, and make it easuer to figure out. Also, some of the chord progressions were wrong, in my opinion. The song opens up with a really cool slide part. The previous version had this part right. Tuning: Normal Intro: 1|------------------- 2|-2-/-5-/12-\7------ 3|-2-/-5-/12-\7------ 4|-2-/-5-/12-\7------ 5|------------------- 6|------------------- This slide part is repeated twice. Right here the guitar comes in, and starts playing two chords over and over again. It sounds closest to me if you use first position chords for the intro, and the barre chords the rest of the song. The two chords at the beginning are G and the D Everyone knows them, but I will tab them just to be thorough. G D 1|--3----3- 2|--3----2- 3|--0----3- 4|--0----0- 5|--2----X- 6|--3----X- The main bassline comes in here. It is a series of hammer -ons. On a guitar it looks like this: 1|------------------------------------------------------ 2|------------------------------------------------------ 3|------------------------------------------------------ 4|------------------------------------------------------ 5|---0---0---0---0-0h3^3^3^3-------------0h5^5^5^5------ 6|-2--^2---2---2-------------0h3-0h3-0h3---------------- This bassline is repeated twice and then the guitar joins in, playing A, C, G, and D chords to match: A C G D 1|-5^5^5^-3^3^3^3^-3^3^3^-5^5^5^5-- 2|-5^5^5--5^5^5^5^-3^3-3^-7^7^7^7-- 3|-6^6^6--5^5^5^5^-4^4^4^-7^7^7^7-- 4|-7^7^7--5^5^5^5^-5^5^5^-7^7^7^7-- 5|-7^7^7--3^3^3^3^-5^5^5^-5^5^5^5-- 6|-5^5^5--X^X^X^X^-3^3^3^-X^X^X^X-- Listen to the song to pick up the strumming for this part. There is some string muting between the strums during the A and G chords. (This is also the progression during the chorus.) Right before the change to the next chord progression, instead of switching to the C chord from the A, just keep playing the A chord for two beats. Then instead of switching from the G to the D chord, just play the G for two beats. Alright, here^s where I get a little hazy on this song, but I might as well post what I think the song does. Jeff changes to a different chord progression. I think that it is A, Bm, G, E, G, A, but I am not sure. I just play the whole thing in barre chords, so try it out and let me know what you think. The rest of the song is a mix and match of the chord progressions above. Just listen to it while you play. Here are as much of the lyrics as I can understand. Jeff^s words kind of blend t gether when he hits the high notes, so these are probably wrong, but oh well. This is our last goodbye, I hate to see the love between us die. But it^s over. Just do this and then I^ll go, You gave me more to live for, more than you^ll ever know. This is our last goodbye. Must I dream and always see your face? Why can^t we overcome this and more? Baby, maybe it^s just because I didn^t know you at all. Kiss me, please kiss me Kiss me out of desire, baby, no consolation. Oh you know what makes me so angry, Is that I know that in time, I^ll only make you cry This is our last goodbye. Did you say No, this can^t happen to me? Did you wait for the phone to call? (?) Is there a voice occurin^ in the back of your mind, Saying baby, please? I didn^t know him at all, I didn^t know him at all, I didn^t know him^ That as much as I can understand. I don^t know if the actual lyrics are printed in the CD cover, as I do not own the CD, but they may be. This file is all my own work. Any errors are mine, and I would like to hear about them. If you discover a better way to play this song, please post it, or send me an email at