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 Lover You Shouldve de Jeff Buckley

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Lover You Shouldve - Jeff Buckley sur
Jeff BUCKLEY ------------ Lover, You should've come over ------------------------------ ( from GRACE ) Transcription by Christophe GIRARD ( and Damien ARNOU ( Intro: D Csus2 Em D Looking out the door Csus2 Em I see the rain fall upon the funeral mourners D Parading in a wake of sad relations Csus2 Em As their shoes fill up with water C#m7dim5 F#aug F#aug/E And maybe I'm too young Bm (Dsus4 D) D/A G6 To keep good love from going wrong D Csus2 Em But tonight, you're on my mind so You'll never know D I'm broken down and angry for your love Csus2 Em With no way to feed it D Where are you tonight? Csus2 Em Child you know how much I need it. C#m7dim5 F#aug F#aug/E Too young to hold on Bm (Dsus4 D) D/A G6 F# And too hold to just break free and run CHORUS: Bm Em7* Sometimes a man gets carried away, Bm Em7* When he feels like he should be having his fun Bm Em7* And much too blind to see the damage he's done C9 Sometimes a man must awake to find that, really, Em Fdim He has no-one... D/F# Gm6 G I'll wait for you...And I'll burn A6 G6 Oh will I ever see your sweet return? Aadd9/C# Oh, will I ever learn? Cmaj7/E D6 Aadd9/C# Aadd9/B Aadd9 Aadd9/F# Em Emadd9 Em7 Oh, oh, oh, lover, you should've come over D Csus2 Em 'Cause it's not too late. D Lonely is the room, the bed is made Csus2 Em The open window lets the rain in D Burning in the corner is the only one Csus2 Em who dreams he had you with him C#m7dim5 F#aug F#aug/E Bm (Dsus4 D) My body turns and yearns for a sleep D/A G6 That won't ever come G#dim D/A It's never over, D Csus2 Em [Emadd9 Em7 Em] My kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder D/A It's never over, all my riches for her smiles D Csus2 Em [Emadd9 Em7] When I slept so soft against her... Em D/A It's never over, D Csus2 Em [Emadd9 Em7] All my blood for the sweetness of her laughter Em D/A It's never over, she's the tear D Csus2 Em [Emadd9 Em7] That hangs inside my soul forever C#m7dim5 F#aug F#aug/E Maybe I'm just too young Bm (Dsus4 D) D/A G Em/G To keep good love from going wrong (SOLO) D/F# Gm6 A6 G6 Aadd9/C# Cmaj7/E D6 Aadd9/C# Aadd9/B Aadd9 Aadd9?F# Em [Emadd9 Em7] Oh.......Oh..Oh........Lover you should've come over... D/F# Gm6 (I feel too young to hold on ====(unofficially added by CaRol) A6 G6 I'm much too hold to break free and run Aadd9/C# Too deef, dumb and blind Cmaj7/E D6 To see the damage I've done Aadd9/C# Aadd9/B Aadd9 Aadd9/F# Em [Emadd9 Em7 Em] Sweeeeet looover, you should've come over Oh, love I'm waiting for you Lover, you should've come over D Csus2 Emadd9 Cause it's not too late.) CHORDS D xx0232 Csus2 x30013 Em 022000 C#m7dim5 x42000 F#aug xx4332 F#aug/E 0x4332 Bm x24432 Dsus4 xx0233 D/A x00232 G6 320030 F# 244322 Em7* xx2433 (for the chorus only) C9 x35533 Fdim xx3101 D/F# 200232 Gm6 310030 A6 x04220 Aadd9/C# x42200 Cmaj7/E 032000 D6 xx0202 Aadd9/B x22200 Aadd9 x02200 Aadd9/F# 202200 Emadd9 022002 Em7 022030 G#dim xx0101 Note : the progression, at the end of the chorus (Aadd9/C#, Aadd9/B, Aadd9, Aadd9/F#) isn't very closed to the original. Send me your corrections. Christophe